Atelier Nash proudly presents the full Jancis Robinson ‘One Glass for Every Wine’ Collection in the iconic Smith & Caughey’s Queen Street store. View the range in store or follow the links below to purchase on


The Jancis Robinson ‘One Glass for Every Wine’ Glass and Decanters are also available in select fine wine retailers and cellar doors around the country.

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1 Glass.jpg

The Wine Glass.

The only stemmed glass you will need to enjoy every wine at its best.

Use this glass for every wine, whatever its colour, including sparkling wine, port, sherry, sweet wines and anything else you want to savour and enjoy to the fullest.

This shape has been specially designed to maximise your enjoyment of all wines’ aromas, flavours and textures in the most practical way possible.

“This glass shatters the biggest myth about wine”
- Fast Company Magazine

Young Wine Decanter.jpg

The Young Wine Decanter.

This is a generous and bold decanter for young wines needing aeration and maximum surface area for the wine.

The long neck allows for a strong grip which will allow you to swirl the wine energetically, allowing oxygen to encourage and hasten a young wine’s evolution and mellow the flavours.

The bowl is also large enough to accommodate a magnum.

Old Wine Decanter.jpg

The Old Wine Decanter.

This bottle-shaped decanter allows you to decant a mature wine off its sediment while ensuring that it is not exposed to too much harmful oxygen.

The refined shape follows the form of the Wine Glass and the beautiful mouth-blown stopper adds an element of contemporary design to your table.

Water Glass.jpg

The Water Glass.

It is always wise to drink water with your wine, and this stemless glass fits perfectly en suite with the Wine Glass to create a beautiful table setting.

This tumbler is exactly the same shape as the Wine Glass, so if you do choose to use this stemless version as your wine glass you will still have the benefits of the perfect generous tulip shape.

Water Carafe.jpg

The Water Carafe

This is the bottle-shaped Old Wine Decanter without the stopper, an understated and versatile water carafe which follows the form of the Wine Glass and the Water Glass to create a beautiful and refined suite.

It also fits in the fridge door, keeping your water, or white wine, perfectly chilled.


Each piece in the Jancis Robinson collection is expertly mouth-blown in an area of Europe where the craft has been perfected over hundreds of years. The glassblowers are masters in their field and it was imperative they had the skill to make glass as fine and light as Richard and Jancis required for the collection.

“The trickiest bit was getting the quality and weight of the products just right,” says Richard Brendon. “Our glass producer initially struggled to get the weight of the glass as light as we required because they had never produced a collection this fine before. We went through many rounds of prototypes, which Jancis and I reviewed together, to ensure we delivered a final product that met every single one of our requirements perfectly.

“That our glassblowers persevered, and very quickly learned how to make the pieces perfectly, is a real testament to their phenomenal skill and dedication to the final vision we all shared.” adds Brendon.


Dishwasher Safe - Everyday glasses require simple cleaning solutions, so the Wine Glass has been designed to fit any standard dishwasher and its sturdy stem minimises the likelihood of breakages. Not only is the Jancis Robinson collection dishwasher safe, we actually recommend that you wash the wine and water glass in this way. They have both been designed to fit easily into domestic and commercial machines.

Lead-free – The lead-free glass used to create the collection ensures that each piece is light, ultra-fine and durable against clouding.

Perfect Pour – a 125ml pour comes to the widest point of the bowl, maximising the release of the all-important aromas.

Mouth-blown – The master craftspeople who meticulously hand-make each piece in the collection are some of the most skilled glass blowers in the world and their expertise is demonstrated in the refinement and technical perfection of each piece.

Simplicity – Un-clutter cupboards, cabinets and shelves as every wine drinker can enjoy wine at its absolute best from one perfectly designed glass.

Finest Crystal – The glasses are very light, perfectly balanced and of a quality that can only be achieved by mouth blowing. The rim of the wine glass is particularly fine to minimise the amount of glass that comes between the wine and the palate, significantly enhancing the drinking experience.