The New Zealand Wine Story

An entertaining storytelling session.
You’ll taste 8 wines from all major wine growing areas of New Zealand while learning the stories that have made them legendary.


The Pinot Noir Road Trip

A Winter favourite and always full of dark red fruit goodness.
Taste Pinot Noir from Auckland to Central Otago and every region in-between.


Champagne Masterclass

Enjoy and learn everything that makes makes Champagne the most celebrated wine region in the world.

Think: Clean oyster shell, almond, lemon zest and peach.


Chardonnay All Day

New Zealand is producing some of the finest Chardonnay in the world.
Taste the icons and discover some new favourites from every region.

Think: Toasted oak, brioche and lemon meringue.


Blind Tasting 101

Entertaining and challenging.
Learn the tips and tricks that enable you to evaluate wine blind.